Pentair Superflo won't stay on and is loud when it does start...


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May 26, 2016
Saint Paul, MN
Hi all - I've got a Pentair Superflo with a weird problem. 2 weeks ago I replaced the capacitor because it wouldn't start (just hummed) and that appeared to fix it. Fast forward to today, and the pump is back to humming when I turn the power on most of the time. Occasionally I can get it to start spinning the impeller, but when it does it sounds loud and vibrates a lot. It only runs for a few seconds and then will shut down completely. I took off the back cap and spun the shaft, and the impeller spins fairly easily. When I do get it to spin up for a few seconds I can see that the shaft is spinning from the back. Bad bearings perhaps? Can they go bad that quickly? It's been running fine and was running fine this morning.

One side note - it's been very hot out, though I just tried it once the shade came around and it still has the same problem.

Thanks for your help!