Pentair superflo shuts off after 30 seconds


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Jul 13, 2015
Miami, Fl
Hello all. So I emptied my pool to have it replastered on Thursday. Once the water reached a certain level, I shut off pump and turned off breaker. Turned it back on, primed it and it began turning off after running for a couple of minutes. I have it fully primed now and it's now shutting off after 30 seconds, both on low and high. Pump is not hot to the touch. I left it off for 30 minutes, went back and same thing. What else can I check? Is the pump dead? Any info or help greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Apr 25, 2016
The thermal overload circuitry might have been fried. Is it an old pump? Could be worn brushes, near the end of their life, etc. You might check to make sure all of the right voltages are present at the pump.

Good luck!

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