Pentair SS tank leak


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Jul 20, 2010
I had my pool service replace my pump and DE tank in 2008. They put in a Pentair SS tank. they closed the pool in 2008 and took care of the pool in 2009 including cleaning. When they opened the pool in 2010 they found a pinhole leak in the SS tank. The tank is out of warranty (1 year). they repaired the leak with epoxy on the inside and said they would contact Pentair even though the tank was out of warranty. Their opinion is that a SS tank should not develop leaks for a long time. Pentair immediately blamed it on water chemistry. No acid washes were done and as far as I know the pH was never below 7.4. My service company got nowhere with Pentair. The pool service siad they would replace the tank with a Plastic one and they used the words "at my cost". I still need to clarify whether that means he will give me a tank at his dealer cost and probably charge me for the installation. Or did he mean he would replace it and pay for everything. But I wanted to get some opinions before I contacted them again. The pool service also found out that Pentair is not supplying SS anymore and that the tank I got was actually made in 2006 and was discontinued.

Some questions.
Is plastic better than the SS?
Do you think I can get anywhere with Pentair?
Any other suggestions?


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Jun 22, 2009
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IMO plastic is much better than stainless steel in this service. Mostly due to the grades of stainless they tend to use.
I would certainly try but don't be disappointed if you don't. You might stand a chance if you had a record of the test results but without them it's easy to blame water chemistry.