Pentair Solartouch and Intelliflow VS 011056 questions


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Feb 17, 2011
Just had a Pentair Intelliflo VS 011056 installed. It is running on internal timer/program. The only reason I was thinking about controlling it with a DIY automation system is to detect if my solar panels are on, and then have the controller increase the pump speed.

But in researching, I believe I can control the Intelliflow with a Pentair Solartouch (which has a RS485 connection). I am thinking THIS could be used to run the time program, and then increase the the pump speed when the solar turns on.

- Is there a way to PULL information from the Pentair Solartouch (i.e. air/water temp, solar status, etc) over RS485? Or is it "output only," i.e. can only be used to SEND a control signal to a pump

My end goal:
- Be able to run a program using the pump internal timer (three different speeds during different parts of the day), BUT have the pump be told to speed up if the solar gets turned on.

Does anyone have experience with this combination? Would connecting the RS485 directly from the Solar controller to the pump (bypassing the DIY controller) accomplish this?


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Jul 21, 2013
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From the Solar Touch manual page 6 -

Solar Hold Feature for Heating and Cooling:
Using a Variable Speed Pump
When SolarTouch controller calls for heating or cooling and solar heat is available, the IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump will ramp up to the RPM’s assigned to Program 4 (Speed 4 - default speed is 3110 RPM). The solar valve will maintain the closed position for the first five (5) minutes, then the solar valve will move to the “open” position and the pump will continue to run an additional five (5) minutes. After these 10 minutes, the pump reverts to the assigned speed for Program 2 (Speed 2).
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