Pentair setup


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Jul 10, 2016
Im getting ready to put a new pool in this Spring. My filter and heater will be a Pentair system. The pool will be around 36,000 gallons. What would be the ideal Pentair salt system/controller setup? I want to have some automation to it. The pool will have 2 Pal Trio LED lights and 4 Polaris deck jets.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for all your new pool questions. :shark:

My advice would be to go with an EasyTouch 8 that comes in a package with an internal SWCG power supply, IC60 SWCG, and two valve actuators. See this site for an overview...

You really need a SWCG that is about 2 x your pool size, so the IC40 would not work well for you.

You want the ET8 because the ET4 only has three user programmable relays, while the ET8 has seven. Because 3 relays is just not enough.

You did not say anything about your new pump, but the ET was designed to use the Intelliflo 3 HP variable speed pump. Do not let anyone talk you out of using this pump if you plan to use Pentair automation.

The addition of ScreenLogic 2 will allow you to program and control your pool using you computer, tablet or phone.

Thanks for posting and good luck with your new pool build.

Jim R.