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Mar 30, 2022
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Can I ask you a question about the Pentair Screenlogic 2? Purchased home with this system, and I'm trying to connect the pc software and the android phone app to this adapter and I cannot get them to be recognized. I have tried using home wifi, that is extremely strong with 3 mesh satellites and gigblast internet. The TX light is flashing orange, power is solid green. My question is doesn't this have an antenna to connect wirelessly to the app or the wifi? Or does it need a hardwire ethernet to a router? And, there is an ethernet going into the unit but I don't know where it leads.


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Jul 7, 2014
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The wireless links are not WiFi they are more like the old wireless phones, frequency wise.

The antenna at the equipment pad is connected to the EasyTouch's com port. There should be another transceiver (antenna) inside that is connected to the Protocol adapter. The Protocol adapter is connected to your home network. I suggest right at the modem

Almost every failure to connect that I have seen seems to be related to mesh networks. ScreenLogic is old so it does not seem to mesh well with the mesh. :mrgreen:

I am not much help with ScreenLogic integration problems as I installed mine and it fired right up and has been running for 6 or 7 years.

Basically, the communications from the EasyTouch go to the outside antenna, then wirelessly to the inside antenna and then to the Protocol adapter. The adapter translates "Pentair" into "Ethernet" and which is connected to your network.

The few things I do know is that you have to open the app or PC program as the Administrator.

It seems to work best if connected to an old-fashioned network switch.


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