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Jan 14, 2016
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Not sure if this is the right board, but needing some help. Multipart question

Part 1: I recently changed out our home wifi router to a new mesh system. I hadn't accessed the pentair app on my phone since this change until tonight. After using a paperclip on the adapter, the iphone app is now connecting - Success but still have other things to solve.

1. Loaded the computer software. I had previously not had this installed. It was on my Ex's computer. When I attempt to log in I get the following:

Discovery service:
Connecting to Discovery service....
Sending gateway remote connection request
Remote connection authorized
Found system at
Connected to system at
Connect to system, logging in....
ERROR: Communication to Gateway failed

What do I need to do to get the software on the computer to connect?

Then, I have never (even when married) been able to connect the screen logic app remotely (so if not on my home wifi). There was no password previous and it tells me ERROR: login rejected by Gateway. At one point the guy servicing my pool said he would call pentair to "reset", but that never happened.

Lastly is since the house with the pool is now mine after the divorce, do I need to call pentair regardless to connect everything to my email vs my ex's?

Thanks for the help!!
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