Pentair Screenlogic and Mac Catalina


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Dec 5, 2018
Palm City, FL
Does anyone happen to know if Pentair is going to release a version of Screenlogic Connect that will work with the lates MacOs update (Catalina)? The problem is that it needs to be a 64 bit app and it is only 32 until it receives an update. I can find one for windows but no luck on a Mac.


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Apr 30, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
If software was originally designed to assume that an integer and a pointer to an integer are both 32bits, then you can have a lot of rewriting to do. Not always by the end software developer, but library developers as well. Catalina being 64bit only, has created a massive headache for everyone, not just Pentair...


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Dec 5, 2018
Palm City, FL
I understand, but the conversion was announced 2 years ago and Pentair did nothing. Additionally, every other piece of software I have has been updated and they have not even acknowledged an update on their website.


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Feb 19, 2019
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I agree. Unfortunately Pentair isn't a software company. I do think it's interesting that when I look at ScreenLogic Connect's settings on my Mac as I type this, it really uses a port of Wine. Wine is like a way to layer Windows apps on top of Linux (or a Mac in this case). My gut tells me that "winetricks" is probably the culprit here. Most other software libraries listed are very popular libraries and I can almost guarantee that they have x64 branches.

Other interesting libraries are the libmpg123 which is typically used to compile/convert various video formats...not sure why that is used but you never know what the core code does.

Libraries that my Mac shows ScreenLogic Connect uses:
Other free software (or libraries from the software) included (with completely
unmodified source) are available at their respective websites.
cabextract - cabextract
freetype -
libjpeg - Independent JPEG Group
libmpg123 - mpg123, Fast MP3 Player for Linux and UNIX systems
libpng - LIBPNG
libsane - SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy
libtiff - LibTIFF - TIFF Library and Utilities
libxslt - libxslt

winetricks - Winetricks - WineHQ Wiki


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Mar 24, 2016
Just lost the ability to run Screenlogic after the upgrade to Catalina, even after jumping through the new security hoop. Thanks for explaining why; the 64 bit requirement, it will never run. "Unfortunately Pentair isn't a software company", true that. But any company that enters the world of automation should snap-to and realize that they have become a software company. I suspect sometimes the old guard still thinks of IT as just another annoying expense. They don't dedicate the resources to hire top notch talent, or worse, outsource the project to the cheapest bidder with no one at the hiring company understanding the software development process.


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Mar 19, 2018
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I’ve been wondering the same thing and emailed Pentair and this is the exact response I received:

“Good morning, at this time technical support has not been given any ETA or news for this update. As you can imagine this is an extremely popular request, so I am going to forward it direct to our product managers. As techs here we have no idea when or if this is ever going to come out as of right now, so my personal protocol is to forward every inquiry over to the managers in hopes that it kick starts this at some point.
Technical Support Representative

293 Wright Street
Delavan, Wi, 53115, US

So I would recommend that everyone who is effected should email too. If enough people complain, maybe they’ll resolve it.