Pentair ScreenLogic + Alexa


Apr 9, 2019
Spring, TX
Took the time today to re-setup Alexa and my Screenlogic. I was pretty not happy when they screwed with the app last summer and it didn't work for 6 months.

Do yourselves a favor and look into the Alexa Routines. You can now input a custom phrase into a routine, so I setup the ones we use most. This eliminates the need to remember what the proper phrase is to activate the skill (something my wife and kids were constantly forgetting!!). Instead of "Alexa, open Pentair Pool and run the hot tub", you say "Alexa, fire up the Hot Tub" and off you go. So far I have:

Alexa, Clean the pool (activates the cleaner circuit)
Alexa, Turn on/off the waterfall
Alexa, Fire up the hot tub
Alexa, Turn on/off the pool lights
Alexa, Turn on/off the spa lights


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Jul 21, 2013
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Glad to hear that Alexa is working again with EasyTouch.


Apr 9, 2019
Spring, TX
Another side benefit...The Screenlogic system limits you to *I think 12* schedules or custom egg timers (i.e. those that are not set to 12 hours). With Alexa Routines you can offload some of your schedules to Alexa to run instead of programming them in the Screenlogic.


Mar 10, 2020
Roseville, ca
I emailed today and they replied. Before I emailed I tried unlinking and linking - it was not working. After their reply I tried again and this time it worked. My Alexa is now working again.
I replied again to let them know I had success, but also asked about root cause for the issue.
Their reply’s below:

I did send an email to the proper department so they can be made aware of the issue. The root issue of the original outage was a compound problem relating to Alexa skills, iPhone Widget, and Apple Watch. To my knowledge all of these were all resolved at the same time, minus the small outage we just had with Alexa.”

I take it that I sent an email and got a reply and it working again as an improvement - take any good news that I can. In the past it was crickets.

happy swimming

Rich Nickum