Pentair SAM lights died


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Apr 30, 2018
My 2004 Pentair SAM pool light died. I took the housing apart and would like to upgrade it to LED lights. Only issue is this model uses 2 MR16 bulbs and not the standard Edison type connectors. Also noticed there is an internal transformer sealed up in the light housing providing 12v power to the bulbs. Always thought the system was 120v since there was no transformer at the junction or control box. If I do find a LED bulb should I get the 12v model? Does the built in transformer of the SAM light defeat or render the GFCI on the 120v side less useful? Should I just throw everything away and get a completely new light system? If so should i get 12v or 120v?

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Sep 27, 2015
Take out an existing bulb out and hopefully it will have the voltage and wattage written on it somewhere. Look carefully because it is hard to see on the reflective surface of the back side of the bulb.

The manual which appears to cover 12 volt and 120 volt models only lists one bulb type. Part Number: 79112400 Bulb, 71 watt, EYC, MR-16, 2 req.

My light which looks the same as yours was 12 volts so I swapped it with standard 12 volt LED MR16 bulbs. The bulb was slightly bigger so I had to bend some of the copper on the back to get the bulb into place. If you changed to LEDs I recommend getting the brightest ones you can find because my lights were noticeably dimmer after putting a 45 watt equivalent LED bulbs.