Pentair SAM and SAL Pool Lights


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Jun 29, 2020
Mullica Hill, NJ
Hi! I have 2007 SAM and SAL lights. They have the color wheels, so they have normal white lights. I found upgrade kits for these lights that are 200+ that you switch the bulbs and color wheels out and replace with an LED bulb. My question is, can I just replace the halogen bulbs with LED bulbs like I did with my low voltage lighting?
The bulbs in the SAL light are MR8, 35W and MR11s, 35 Watts
In the SAM lights, it's just a MR16, 71W

Or can I just buy normal halogen bulbs or do they have to be official Pentair bulbs?

One more question...these lights were installed prior to the pool being filled back in 2007. When we took the lights out, there was no water in the housing, but now there that ok?


Jan 6, 2020
Orange County, CA
You should look here for a post I just added on replacement options

Water inside the housing is OK. On my housing there's absolutely nothing to keep water out. Water inside the light module - behind the gasket - is a big problem.