Pentair rainbow #300 Off line chlorinator check valve


May 15, 2008
I use an offline chlorinator when I'm away. I recently installes a pentait rainbow #300 off line chlorinator. The fine print suggest installing an "optional" 1/4 inch inflow check valve #R172323. I already have another 1 1/2 inch check valve after at the heater outlet. When I spoke with teh Pentair tech support they basically explained that it is really a "must have" to protect pump and other equipment. Just wanted to let folks know.

I suggested to the rep that if this is the case they should include it.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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Jun 22, 2009
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Yeah, but if they included it they wouldn't get to charge you extra for it and they wouldn't get to charge you a service call to tell you that you should have installed it in the first place.