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Mar 20, 2021
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I’m a new inexperienced pool owner. The new home purchased came with a Pentair Racer vacuum. I have it scheduled to run for 4 hours per day (two 2 hour shifts). The bottom of the pool still contains quite a few leafs and the vacuum picks up maybe a handful, leaving many more at the bottom of the pool than picked up. Any guesses on why it works so poorly or recommendations to get it to perform better?


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Jul 3, 2013
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I can tell you exactly why :)

it was designed in 1970 and the pool stores have continued to push them.. They are a major waste of electricity and they do not work well, at all.... Pressure side is the worst, suction side is better as you only use your main pump but still older tech, I love mine but it scrubs nothing so you still have to brush the pool using both types... I will be putting a port in my new pool as a backup...

The fix is to buy a robot and move into 2021, the SE or S200 is $100 dollars more than what you have and it cleans and scrubs the whole pool for about 20 cents per run, so after a week of cleaning it will cost you $1 dollar, it costs you about $10 dollars a week the way your doing it now...

once you get a robot you can use your pressure line as a new return for your pool :)

Call Marina pool in CO and they will hook you up with a great price and work out the best one for your pool...



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Jun 28, 2017
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Consider installing an inline mesh filter for your suction cleaner if you don't want to upgrade to a robot. You also may need to increase the suction for your cleaner to operate properly but you also may lose some of your surface skimming power. Too much suction to the cleaner may result in the cleaning head rising above the water line and breaking suction.

That said a robot is a much better pool cleaning device and an S200 is worth every penny.
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