Pentair Racer does everything BUT vacuum


New member
Jul 3, 2019
Houston, Texas
Good morning. My Pentair Racer moves fine. Its wheel turn at an appropriate pace. It reverses periodically. What it does NOT do is actually vacuum.

When I have the pump and booster pump running, if I take the filter bag off and examine the water flow, there is minimal flow in what I'd naively call the vacuum chamber. Has anyone else experienced this?


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Jul 29, 2018
Katy, Texas
My PB included a Pentair Racer and a booster pump. When the Racer kept getting stuck on its side on the sunshelf, the Pentair rep recommended replacing it with the Kreepy Krauly Platinum. Eventually, that turned out to be a dud as well and would only go in circles in the deep end of the pool. In spite of following all the Pentair advice and recommendations, it remained a dud. And the booster pump was noisy and used a lot of electricity. I gave up and bought a robot. It collects more stuff in a single 3.5 hour cycle than the Racer and Kreepy krauly did in a week.