Pentair QuickTouch II Remote Problem


Nov 9, 2020
San Diego, CA
Hi all. My QuickTouch II remote has stopped working. Even after replacing the batteries (yes, correctly) the red LED light at the 12 o’clock location on the remote doesn’t light up, and none of the off/on buttons activate. Any suggestions, other than buying a new remote unit?


Bronze Supporter
Mar 30, 2015
Chico, CA
Hey guys,
Not too much to add from me... I've only got a Quick Touch 1 to play with, and they changed the hardware completely for the QT 2.

But, I believe the LED on the QT 2 is supposed to illuminate when it's transmitting (or receiving), so if you're not seeing any activity when you press a button then it sounds like something's up with it. There's a "learn mode" on the remote, activated by pressing the white button inside... I don't know if pressing that could have gotten your remote in a weird state.
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