Pentair Quad DE filters - is it OK to have 100 sqft filters in my 80 sqft?


May 23, 2021
Leander TX
Hi guys, ran into an unexpected issue when cleaning my filter for the first time in the new to me pool. The label is worn off my filter, so I was checking dimensions to be sure of which model I have and therefore how much DE to add. I measured the tank and I have a Quad DE 80 model. However, the filters inside are for the Quad DE 100 model, but apparently they fit in the 80.

So I have two questions - 1) is it OK to continue running the 100 filters in the 80 and 2) I assume I should add 10 lb of DE since I've got the 100 filters. My understanding is the DE is to coat the filters, and the 100 model filters are larger and call for the 10 lb of DE instead of the 8 lb for the DE 80 model


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Jul 3, 2013
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if they fit and have been working you should be good.. add the 10 pounds of DE for that size :)


May 23, 2021
Leander TX
Thanks I started putting the filter back together and realized it all fits, and I'm sure I have the 10 lb filter, so guess it must be a 100 or take the parts for one. A pool company told me it was an 80, and it seemed to match the 80 dimensions online but who knows
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