Pentair Quad D. E. Filter Installation

Seeking advice on installation since I plan to do this myself.
The filter is a Pentair Quad D.E. 100. Pool is 23,000 vinyl lined Chlorine pool.

Wanted to know if you guys would suggest adding a multi port valve or sliding valve or no valve at all if I plan to open it up to clean it each time.

What are your thoughts?


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Jul 7, 2014
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I agree with only opening and cleaning the filter, but like Pat, I would install a multiport valve just because it gives you the most options.. It would cost a little more, but I think well worth it.

Oh!! Keep posting, at this point you are up to one post a year... :cool:

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May 16, 2010
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The multiport valve gives you the most options. If you ever need to vacuum to waste , leaves, lots of debris, ... Slide valve is simple, but waste lots of DE during cleanups. Hopefully you'll follow TFP recommendations and never have problems.

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May 23, 2015
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I don't backwash my QuadDE 100 and I don't think you will either. I simply tear it down twice a year. I have the simple plunger style backwash valve but could very easily envision myself removing it and not replacing it if it breaks or leaks. Where I live, dry desert, you try NOT to backwash or vacuum to waste as much as possible because water costs money.

I know of at least one QuadDE guy that purchased the MPV but never installed it. I think it's a waste of money and just one more thing to spring a leak or need fixing.

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Thanks everyone for the advice.

Yes I don't post much but I can't tell you how much knowledge I have gained from this site or how many times I have shared it over the years.
This is the only site I trust when it comes to pool anything.

Thanks so much for everything.

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Oh and since I live on the east coast and from time to time we do get a lot of rain and lowering the pool is a frequent event I plan to install the MPV.

Tropical storms and just sometimes rain in general seems to come and not stop so for that reason alone I can see the benefits.

Thanks again.