Pentair Quad 60 ?


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Jun 24, 2007
Eastern NC
Well we just had one heck of a heavy rain and it filled the pool to almost overflowing. So in the process of lowering the water back down in our 24k IGV pool I figured why waste the water by itself and vacuumed on waste the whole bottom.

My question is we just got the quad 60 and so it being new and DE over the sand filter we had something didn't seem right. The pressure on the gage was at 20psi, 4psi from where it was needed to backwash. All I did was put the valve on waste, vacuum down the bottom and then back to filter. When I put it on filter I bled the air out of the top of the filter like the manual states until I got a steady stream of water and no air. Now my pressure is back down to 14psi. Did I get rid of some DE in just a 20 second air relief out the top of the filter? Seems weird to have dropped pressure like that when I didn't backwash it.


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May 7, 2007
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When you turn the pump off and then back on the stuff in the filter can redistribute its self. This often results in a slight reduction in pressure. Your drop is more than I would expect but not dramatically so.

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