Pentair or Polaris Pool Cleaner Wall Fitting


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Aug 19, 2013
Mansfield, Texas
I have a general question that may require a more specific answer.

Are all the wall mounts for the pressure side pool cleaners interchangeable?

I have a Letro Legend pool cleaner and I broke the wall mount where the hose attaches to it. when I removed the mount it was actually a Polaris mount.

If the answer to the first question is no then can someone tell me what wall connection I should get? I have searched the web and it appears the wall mount that comes with that cleaner is the EW22.

Obviously there is a Polaris that works with the cleaner also but it appears I have to order this in multiple pieces where I can get the EW22 as an assembly. Is one better than the other or are they pretty much equal in quality?