Pentair Motor replacement & control Q


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Jun 25, 2020
Seattle area
In a previous thread I documented the strange problems I was having with my Pentair WhisperFlo, you can also see how I determined it's a motor problem. Weird noise/cavitation intermittently w/ pump. No problems suction or pressure side. I'm stumped.

So it's a Pentair WhisperFlo 1hp WFE-4 pump with a 1HP, 1.65 S.F. 177450 single speed motor, connected to a Pentair Easy Touch 4 controller.

Since I need to replace the motor, I'm thinking about a dual-speed or variable-speed, but have a Q for the experts.

Could I (and with what motor) use the Easy Touch controller so that the pump is always in full speed mode when in Spa or Spillway mode, but when in Auto/Pool mode, use the two/variable speed logic in order to get the lower pump rpm when doing 'regular' pool circulation?

I'm guessing that the replacement motors with control pads on top would be time-based or such, but wouldn't know which devices/mode I'm operating in. Not interested in secondary phone apps etc., I want it mode-based, so that no matter what time of day etc., if I turn on spa or spillway it's always on full speed. It's ok if pool circulation is sometimes full speed, but really don't want spa or spillway on low speed.

Of course I could replace the entire pump with an IntelliFlo, but if possible I'd like to just replace the motor. I'm NW (Seattle) and only use the pool ~4 months a year (with reduced circulation the rest of the year) and fairly cheap power, so power savings is a nice to have but not a massive factor.

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