Pentair MobileTouch 1 Battery Replacement


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Mar 30, 2015
Chico, CA
I've talked to a few folks that have Pentair MobileTouch 1 (1st gen) controllers with dead batteries. I've got some broken units so figured I'd pull out a couple of battery packs and get the make/model etc. so people could hopefully get cheaper replacements.

The double sided tape holding the pack was a little too strong, so while trying to pry the battery out its lower shell suddenly broke - and remained stuck to the case - sending the pack for a little ride across the bench. I wanted to split one open anyway ;) The pack is just a pair of 18650 cells that are very common and easily sourced. The cells inside my pack are Molicel ICR-18650J cells, and there is a little battery management board at the top so be careful if you try and disassemble one of these.

Here's a look at the cells inside the pack:

Here's a link to the cell's datasheet:

I managed to pull out another pack in-tact... it's an Intermec 073152 220mAh pack that was made for an Intermec handheld scanner. It's housing is the same size as the one I shattered. These packs can be found online for 30 bucks or so but they don't have leads, so you have to solder your old pack's leads to it.

Hope this helps somebody!
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