Pentair Mobil touch two, not retrieving data?

Dec 4, 2014
Hi, my brand new Mobil touch 2 won't retrieve data from my brand new intellitouch personality kit? I have power to antenna and RF light blinks when buttons are pressed on remote!

Pool Clown

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Sep 5, 2008
Silicon Valley, CA
Have you assigned the address? If you have done this, start looking for interference, however, if you were able to set an address, the unit should be talking.

The following is from the owners manual pages 4-6.

Setting up the MobileTouch Wireless Controller

The following describes how to assign the MobileTouch wireless
controller a communication address for the first time and to add a
MobileTouch controller to a system with a controller already installed.
After connecting the Transceiver cable to the IntelliTouch load center
the system is ready to setup MobileTouch controller.

To manually setup the MobileTouch controller:

1. On the IntelliTouch Outdoor Control Panel, press the Reset

2. First Time MobileTouch install: The three red System
Control LEDs will be lit (solid). Wait a few seconds then
press the “F” Filter button. For IntellliTouch model i10+3,
press the “P” Pool Filter Pump button.
Add a MobileTouch with existing MobileTouch installed:
The three red System Control LEDs will be lit (solid). Wait
a few seconds then press the “V” button or “1” button.

3. The three red System Control LEDs and the auxiliary
button LEDs will begin cycling. Wait until the LEDs stop
cycling. The three System Control LEDs will start to blink
on and off. The IntelliTouch system is ready to assign an
address for the MobileTouch wireless controller.

4. From the MobileTouch Advanced screen, press the lower
buttons 2 and 4 at the same time. The Service Personnel
screen is displayed.

5. Press the button next to LOCK ON ADDRESS to access
the next screen.

6. Press the button next to LOCK ON ADDRESS to assign a
unique frequency for the MobileTouch controller to avoid
interference from other wireless devices within range of the
MobileTouch transceiver.

7. After selecting “Lock On Address” the MobileTouch
controller is now ready to operate the IntelliTouch system.
The “Service Personnel” screen will be displayed.

8. Press Exit to return to the main screen or proceed with
Step 9 if you are adding another MobileTouch controller
while the IntelliTouch outdoor control panel LEDs are

9. To add another MobileTouch controller at this time,
repeat Steps 4 (page 5) through 8 for each controller, if not,
continue with Step 10.

10. Return to the Load Center or Power Center. The System
Control LEDs will be flashing. Press the Reset button.
When the “Auto” LED is illuminated the process is complete
and the system is ready for operation.