Pentair LA01N booster pump hot and wont start, hums


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Nov 29, 2015
Carrollton tx
Just wanted to leave this here, I found my booster pump unresponsive and REALLY hot. I turned it off and when it cooled I checked the shaft to see if it turned. It did.

The pump has a Start/run capacitor, mine had a genteq 97f9606. I hoped that was the issue and bought one from Amazon for $15.

Today I changed it out and the pump is working again. Woo Hoo. My near zero pool maintenance depends on this thing working ... Especially in April in Texas with the trees dropping stuff and the wind blowing.

When I removed it and looked close I saw the old one bulged at the top some. Didn't notice it when taking pictures to get part numbers.

Leaving this here for myself and anyone else that Googles the issue in the future.

Im no electrician but need to leave a warning here to NOT touch or short the capacitor since its designed to store electricity.