Pentair Kreepy Krauly Issue


Jul 11, 2020
I have a pentair kreepy krauly platinum pressure cleaner that stays in the pool, it runs 1 hour per day. I recently noticed that when the filter pump runs (single speed whisperflo approx. 8 hrs day) the cleaner's drive wheels turn a very little, not enough to really move the cleaner but definitely turning. I'm worried this slight wheel rotation for 8 hrs a day could cause wear on the liner, etc.. Is this an issue? I'm considering swapping my pump to VS pump which I'm guessing would stop this issue as I'd run it at a lower speed longer.


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So does the pressure cleaner operate off the same pump, and is activated by an electric valve? If so, it may be as little as the setting of the electric valve, or the electric valve may need rebuilding, which is also fairly easy.
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