Pentair Intellitouch Unresponsive

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May 5, 2018
Solvang CA
We had a contractor do a bit of work on our wall. He disconnected the Intellitouch Control for a short time. Since put back in place, it has been unresponsive. I cannot set the clock (shows 12:00 am) and any attempt to program returns the message: "There was an error retrieving the data.” The outdoor controller works in the manual mode. I checked the four wires in back and they all appear in good shape and properly connected.
Any help will be much appreciated.


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Mar 30, 2015
Chico, CA
if you haven't already fixed this...

it could be the cable, but it sounds like the comm chip on the indoor or outdoor controller is fried... which often happens if the comm wires are unscrewed when the power is on and one of the D+ or D- wires gets shorted to another wire.

to rule out the cable, shut off the power and use a short piece of 4 conductor cable to connect the indoor controller directly to the outdoor controller, at the outdoor controller.

if the cable is good, the outdoor controller is likely broken since unscrewing the indoor controller wires - without first disconnecting the outdoor comm plug or shutting off the power - can cause a wire to short to another wire. Even if they touch for a split second, current flows back through your cable to the outdoor controller's comm port and blows it up.

testing which controller is bad is bit of a pain without another indoor or outdoor controller but it can be done.