Pentair Intelliflow VS Pump Controller Hangs

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Dec 1, 2020
I installed a Pentair Intelliflow VS Pump 3 HP 240V almost exactly a year ago. I have the remote installation kit for the controller so it is mounted on the wall of my pool house.

About 3 times in the last 6 months the controller has hung. When hung the LCD display is blank. The LCD backlight is still illuminated and the LEDs for the "Quick Clean" and a few other buttons are illuminated. The pump motor is running at max speed. The buttons do not work. I cannot turn-off the pump or control its speed. The controller obviously has power since the LEDs and backlight are illuminated.

If I turn off power to the pump and controller for at least 10 or 15 minutes the controller will recover and work beautifully. A short (1 min) power cycle will not correct the issue - controller will still be hung. Apparently, it takes the controller quite a bit of time to "forget" whatever mode it was in that caused the hang.

The fact that the entire system functions normally after long power cycle indicates there is nothing inherently wrong with the controller, the wiring, the LCD, the buttons, etc. I have seem forum postings about corroded contacts for the LCD etc. but those are for hard failures that cannot be corrected with a simple power cycle. This looks to me like a firmware bug in the controller.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there a solution? Is there a firmware upgrade for the Intelliflow controller? I have submitted a service request to Pentair but no response yet.

This problem may sound like a minor annoyance but running my pump at max speed will overpressure my DE filter unless very recently backwashed. The overpressure can collapse the DE grids and crack the octopus manifold at the top of the DE filter and creates a $200 repair and huge hassle.

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Dec 1, 2020
I installed it myself. But like I said, it ran beautifully until about 6 months ago. The wiring is well anchored and not damaged. The electrical connections are solid.


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May 3, 2014
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OK -- just checking to see if a warranty was available. Sounds like there is not as Pentair has 60 day warranty on any DIY install.

Have you tried removing the remote kit and just using the standard controller on the pump itself?
Also, you should reduce your max rpm down to 2500 rpm or so. That way your pump will not have the potential to cause any harm.
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