Pentair Intelliflo - Broken Pin on Communication Port


Jul 15, 2016
Great Falls, VA
One of our landscapers tripped over the communication cable for our Pentair Intelliflo VS (#011018) pump and broke off one of the pins on the communication port. As a result, the pump is no longer able to communicate with our Jandy RS8. The communication port would be easy to repair, but I opened up the drive and it is one of the older models where everything, including the communication port, is encased in epoxy resin. I contacted Pentair and our pool service and they both recommended replacing the entire drive. Our landscapers said they would pay for the repair, but is there any other approach that might be cheaper / easier than replacing the entire drive?


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Mar 30, 2015
Chico, CA
Sorry guys, I think the epoxy/potting voids any chance of repair. On the last one I cracked open I could see the port connector, but since everything else was firmly stuck in glue I couldn't remove the main board to get access to the stupid thing!

You might be able to desolder every component that is stuck in the potting, remove the screws holding the board to the case, and then hope the board comes free but that's fraught with peril. I talked to a guy who used liquid nitrogen to remove the potting material but that's also risky and not practical for everybody.

If they do replace it for you, keep the old drive - at least you'll have a spare keypad! And if you get bored one day you can try to freeze and chip away at the epoxy
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