Pentair Intelliconnect Issues resolved?


Jan 11, 2016
Los angeles, ca
I was considering automating with my Pentair system. I was reading about the Intelliconnect and it has many bad reviews regarding the app itself, slow loading times, connection drops, and functions not working, etc. Have these issues been resolved current day? Thank you.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I am not an IntelliConnect fan, but it does appear that most of the issues have been resolved.

That said, it is for control of simple pools with the need for only two Aux relays and no valve control. So, if you have a pool and spa, it is not for you.

It will control an IntelliFlo pump, but not the new SuperFlo VS.

It will control Pentair's Saltwater Generators (SWCG).

It has two AUX relay connections to control things like Pool lights, booster pumps, etc.

Let's see if we can get one of our IntelliConnect owners to chime in.


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Jul 29, 2018
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My pool builder installed an IntelliConnect, which I believe is the least expensive automation choice. I had no idea about any other automation choices at the time. (I've since inquired about alternatives, but the cost of the other devices and installation are prohibitive as a retrofit--likely more up front, too, but my advice is check them all.) The PB didn't know how to set up the Intelliflo to use it for running or programming with IntelliConnect, and I ended up with a really helpful Pentair support manager virtually talking me through over the phone (sadly, he has since left the company.) The original Link2O app for IntelliConnect ran on iOS, Android, and from a web browser (easily the preferred tool for me at least.) Later, that app was abandoned and Pentair Home had to be installed--no web browser option, though. However, a Windows computer with the Bluestacks 5 Android emulator installed can run Pentair Home, as well as a number of other non-Windows apps. OK, history over.

Key point. Two versions of Intelliconnect using different comm technology: PIFnnnnn and another. YOU WANT THE PIF version, not the other, which last I heard still had compatibility bugs. Do a search here, and I think you'll find the problem model.

Over time, and two subsequent pool and pool equipment companies, my equipment list and some connections have changed. One thing I've found is that various "authorized" Pentair dealers have technicians with different levels of knowledge and experience. The PB had almost none. Another asked me how to do something. A third couldn't get the IC-40 he installed to work with the app and had to have another tech come out. Still another couldn't get the heater to work with the app (turned out because I needed the separate water temp sensor), and his followup guy came out with not enough cable for the water temp sensor to reach. Now I have this stuff working via the Pentair Home app:
  • Intelliflo VSF pump (four of the 8 available programs only, but that's more than I need. Two regular daily run schedules, an egg timer run for mixing chemicals, and a manual run for when I run the spa and heater at night or other times I might just want to turn it on, then off later.
  • IntelliChlor IC-40. I can set and change the % output or run a Boost, although I haven't had to run the latter. The actual IC-40 run schedule is on a mechanical timer. The app also reports salt level, but just Good or Low, no actual number. It reports the water temp at the cell. There is probably a way I could get the IC-40 on a relay synced to the pump run, but I'm a little burned out on paying for service calls, at least for a while.
  • MasterTemp heater. Can turn on or off and set the temp. You can also set a run timer or set a schedule, although I don't use those features, just on/off. The heater must be set to Spa (but that doesn't matter. Spa vs Pool just determines which temp setting is used.) To heat just the spa (like in winter when the water temp might be in the 60's), I still must set the water flow valves manually, then set back when done. The app also reports the water temp.
  • Whisperflo water feature pump. Two modes: Timer and schedule. When not in use, I have a schedule set to run the pump for 5 minutes each day just to avoid stagnant water in the pump and lines. When we're using the pool, I just set a timer in the app.
  • Booster pump. Installed and connected, but I don't use it. It was for a Pentair pressure side cleaner. Both the pump and cleaner are garbage. Get a robot.
  • Water sensor temp. This just shows the water temp via the Pentair sensor.
  • Air temperature. I don't have a sensor. The app reports the temp according to AccuWeather for our town.
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