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Sep 30, 2021
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I have a year old Intelliconnect setup, running a single speed filter pump and Polaris booster.
Tonight I got home from work and noticed the pump wasn’t running, opened the control box and saw the red fault light on the #1 relay (filter pump) I’ve seen it red in the past but it always work.
All breakers were closed on the house panel and pool sub-panel, I powered cycled everything at the panel to try and reset the system, no dice.
I then opened up the high voltage cover and measured 240V across all Line 1 and Line 2 terminals.
Called Pentair, they couldn’t explain WHAT causes the fault light so I know where to look next.
Any leads appreciated!


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Jul 31, 2021
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Hi there, not familiar with the intelliconnect. The manual is pretty vague. But from what I read is the booster pump is flow dependent so if it senses the relay #2 activated without filter pump it will trigger a fault for relay #2. But you said relay #1 has a fault. So the only thing it mentions is the relays are rated 220v 15amp maximum. It also implies the relays detect voltage parameters. So they aren’t typical Pentair dry relays. I’m wondering if the relay was over amped. So you may want to check the amp rating for filter pump and booster. I would try a hard reset. Maybe leave power off for a few minutes and power back up. You could also inspect the relay board and main board with power off. When you check line 1 and line 2 that was at relay #1?
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