pentair intellichlor ic20, no lights on cell, power center seems fine


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May 27, 2022
Harrisburg, NC
- power center is +5 years old
- IC20 is 11 months old
- liner was just replaced
- pool filled and salted
- IC20 worked fine for a week or more
- IC20 was showing salt at proper level
- one day i notice no lights on cell

This is an older style power center with glass fuse in the bottom. I checked fuse and it is good.

I removed the cover and verified LED on control board was lit.

Wondering what next steps might be to troubleshoot this issue.

Thanks in advance!


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Nov 12, 2017
Central California
Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
Under warranty, right? When mine went bad, I called Pentair directly and they sent an authorized repairman to my pool to fix it (a local pool guy). He replaced it, actually, with a new unit. Don't try to fix it, or troubleshoot, let Pentair deal with it. That's what a warranty is for, and it's paid for by a large chunk of what the thing cost you. Call them, they'll probably give you a few troubleshooting steps to assure themselves that it's the new IC, then they'll take care of you.
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