Pentair intellibrite color led troubleshooting


Jan 2, 2012
I have a few pentair 601001 lights.
It’s controlled via IntelliTouch
It’s a 120 light. I’ve verified 120 with relay cycle at junction.
even thoughnot a lot of water in there still slightly some. Made in 2017 and only used a few times until attempting recently it seems too soon to be replacing stuff. I realize this is a pool and pentair we’re talking about and figured it was a lens issue. Anyways board looks good too.
here my question since this is 120 and has a built in transformer I should be getting 12v? Out at j1/j4 on to the board. Right?
I dont wanna replace who fixture for just transformer but I don’t know ?‍♂ I don’t wanna just buy a board with no voltage either.



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Mar 30, 2015
Chico, CA
hey, when that light is turned on you should see ~12vac the transformer, connecting to J1 and J4... I've got a test board that I run with a 12vac transformer from an old UPS.

If you're not getting 12vac from the transformer then it's hosed... but I'd also give the board a quick test with another 12vac source since both can die. If the board is good you'll go blind when you power it up ;) (don't run it for too long, 5 seconds should be enough)

If the board isn't good - carefully inspect U1 for any signs of burning. That chip gets smoked all the time on these things. Here's a link to another post describing it:

Hope that helps!
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