Pentair IntelliBrite 5G problems

Less than 2 years after installing 9 IntelliBrite #601002 5G colour pool lights 2 of them have stopped working. Inspection shows the interior bone dry but transistor C18 burnt/melted, (photos attached) control is through IntelliTouch.

Pentair will sell a Light Engine Kit for $703 or I can buy a replacement light for only $560, with transport and duties to bring to Mexico the cost will be getting on towards 2 thousand dollars, which probable makes these the worlds most expensive transistors!

Has anyone else experience with this type of failure and hopefully a less expensive solution??



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Jun 28, 2012
C19 looks like it has failed as well. Both C18 and C19 were capacitors. I'm betting the fuse at F1 is open as well.

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Sep 5, 2008
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If you purchased 9 of these lights less than 2 years ago from a brick and mortar pool store, and you have the proof of purchase, they should be under warranty.

Having said that, you live in Mexico and, to be honest, don't know if that would affect your warranty.

It shouldn't, but that isn't my call.

If Pentair turns down your claim, i would push real hard for some sort of warranty.

Now, if you got these lights through the internet, unfortunately, all bets are off. I believe you only get 90? days. Something like that.