Pentair Intelichlor IC40 Problems


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Jun 13, 2010
I have the IC40 also. Not sure how to tell what version I have. However, it can be calibrated and I have looked at the circut board and it has the 3 resistors compared to the 1 resistor model.

My issue is that the power light is a constant red. Also, when the unit starts, as it goes through its startup process and the salt level lights (Grn,Ylo,Red) cycle sometimes it cycles through all three as it did when new and now it only cycles through the grn and red.

The generator is producing chlorine however I have a red power light and the only info in the manual is to call for service.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,



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Jul 17, 2007
North Texas
My 2nd IC40 (first one replaced under warranty) yellow salt light quit working. And the salinity reading became erratic. PB replaced the unit (under warranty) with the latest? version, two salt lights. I thought maybe just the salt sensor was probably bad. PB didn't bother running diagnostics.

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