Pentair IC scorched power connector replacement?


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Jul 9, 2009
I have been having an issue for the last year with my IC unit where it just loses power randomly. I have the IntelliCenter with built in power supply for salt cell, and the 4-pin power connector J7, I suspect had a loose pin, that caused it to overheat and scorch the connector, and now is even more loose. If I clean and re-seat it, it may stay on for a few days, but then shuts off again. Anyone else ever have this happen? I see other threads about scorched IC power cables/connectors, but none at the daughter card like this.
The most frustrating part is that in my top of the line (90's technology) IntelliCenter, there is no way for it to alert me or even put a message on the MobileTouch screen that the IC lost power... so a few days will go by without it running and my chlorine gets low, etc.

My two questions are:
1) Am I missing something where I can get some message or alert when the salt cell loses power? Or is my only way to find out by going to look at the cell every day or going to the menu, set-up, equipment, IC screen to see that comm is lost?
2) Does anyone know the connector part # for me to replace the pins/connector on the cable side to see if that helps?



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Jul 7, 2014
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How old could this be?? Why not have Pentair come out and fix it.. It is obviously a manufacturing error???

And... you are 100% correct about the cause of the problem... Once you get a little corrosion or resistance in the wiring, the heat builds up and there is no way to fix it...

Since the IC60 turns on and off by itself in normal operation, I doubt there is anyway to get some kind of notification..

Maybe you could talk Pentair into sending you just the cable... Pentair Power Cable 520724


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Jul 9, 2009
It is a few years out of warranty. I will try calling them Monday to see if they will do anything. Thanks!

The controller knows when communication with the IC is lost... so it could easily know that the Pool circuit is on, but there is no comm with IC and generate some kind of alert on that. IO wonder if the new Pentair system has enough smarts to do that. Of all the things I can think of that I would want to know about, that is around the top of the list. I just bank on the pool being on cruise control most of the time... test it once or twice a week, and add some acid... if it goes a week without IC operating, I start seeing algae. That is my alert! Great system! :)
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