Pentair GFCI breaker - wiring question

Jul 16, 2017
Orlando, FL
Background: I had an issue several months ago where my 2 1/2 year old Pentair 011018 pump was not receiving power. Luckily it was discovered that the pump was OK but the breaker went bad. The original install of the pool and system was done by the pool builder and the electrician used a generic 20 amp breaker. The pool company that I contacted to troubleshoot the issue ended up replacing the 20 amp breaker with the Pentair GFCI breaker, which apparently is made for my Pentair 011018 pump. Fast forward 6 months and the pump was powerless again. Thinking it could be another bad breaker, I used my newly purchased meter and tested the wiring to find that ample power was still being delivered to the pump, so the breaker was OK. I called Penatir directly, discussed the issue and they shipped me a new drive under warranty. I installed it and all is good.
Question: When I inspected the Pentair breaker wiring, I noticed that the neutral (white pigtail) wire is not connected to the neutral bar in the box. Well, its screwed in to one of the holes, but its not stripped back. The installation of the breaker was done by a professional pool company and has worked for the past 6 months without issue. Is it OK to be like that, or could that be a potential reason why the drive was dead?
For reference, the dedicated breaker box has a total of 3 breakers; the pump, the SWG and the light.
I hope this is enough information!


TFP Expert
Mar 2, 2011
The white pigtail wire has to be stripped back or it won’t be connected. I would find it hard to believe that an electrician would connect the wire without stripping the insulation to expose the copper.

Actually, the white pigtail wire comes with the end precut so that you just pull off the insulation and it's striped.
Jul 16, 2017
Orlando, FL
Thanks for the response! I agree that it's odd that it was connected that way, but the pump is running fine. A professional pool company, recommended by Pentair, did the breaker install. I didn't watch them do the installation and didn't inspect their work at the time. I only noticed it once the pump lost power, which was due to a faulty drive. After I replaced the faulty drive and got the system back up and running, I thought to connect the white to the neutral bus bar like the other GFCI breaker for the lights is connected. I wanted to be sure it wouldn't be an issue though.