Pentair EZtouch Spa delay question


Jul 19, 2013
Nacogdoches, Texas
I believe this is an automation question, so anyone out there with Pentair EasyTouch panel might be able to advise.

Question: When SPA is turned OFF after use, I'd like to DELAY equipment immediately switching back to pool recirculation when pool is in its scheduled ON mode. (Delay for 30 mins would be great).

Reason: In the summer we don't use the SPA so much as we're down in Texas, so its already HOT outside. BUT even summer it takes spa 20 mins to heat. But to keep the heat going it just starts to be too much for our body heat! But if we could heat the spa to comfortable level, turn it off but not have the pool start to recirculate immediately, then we could enjoy the warm spa much longer.

Additional Info: I do have an Egg Timer set for SPA which shuts in off after 60 minutes, just so anyone forgets it shuts off after that period of time. I didn't see where times could be stacked or programmed in a sequence.

Alternatively, I thought our EasyTouch 4 button spa side pad (not shown) could be programmed to simply go to ALL equipment OFF.

System seems capable but just not finding a workable solution.

THANKS in advance for any ideas!


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Jul 3, 2013
Southern OK
You would just set the heat to a certain temp that you wanted and keep it in SPA.. so say you wanted 95 degrees you would set it at that setpoint...

**** I do not have automation so this is just me thinking through the problem.. :)


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Jul 7, 2014
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I don't think you can delay the movement of the valves when you switch between the spa mode and the pool mode.

If you have a spa side remote, I would just change one of the buttons to "Heat enable".. I have not tried this, but if you turn off Heat enable, the heater should not heat.

Worth a quick try anyway...


Jim R.