Pentair EasyTouch Won't Start Solar Pool Heating


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Mar 7, 2015
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I recently had to remove/replace some pool solar panels and since the new ones were installed, I can't get the pool solar to work properly. Around the same time I upgraded/added Pentair ScreenLogic as well. However, my EasyTouch panel won't start solar heating until 12:30pm or so even if the roof sensor reads temperatures in excess of 100F prior to 12:30pm. I've made sure solar heating was enabled as well as tinkered with the start and run temperature settings without any luck. Once ~12:30pm comes however, the system starts heating just fine. I've tried turning off the system as well as cutting the breaker to it without any help. It seems like there's some configuration conflict that I'm missing or the control board is malfunctioning. Pool automation is working fine otherwise. Any ideas for other things to try?


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May 3, 2007
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Is the pump schedule such that the pump is already running before 12:30pm or does the pump turn on at 12:30pm (i.e. solar temperature will not turn on the pump)? Is there a schedule change around that time (e.g. RPM change)?
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