Pentair EasyTouch Remote com problem


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Sep 19, 2020
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Moved from here.. pentair easy touch not " NO COMM "

My wireless easytouch controller had to be replaced. When I got a new one and go through the steps to link addresses, the load center says it's sending an address, but the remote just keeps searching and doesn't lock on. The load center is working fine, batteries are good and the antenna is fine. Tried resetting the load center, but no help. Any ideas?
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Mar 30, 2015
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If the suggestion from @rphpool doesn't help...

1. Is the fcc:id on the back of the remote P4HEASYTOUCH or P4HEASYTOUCH2A?
2. How do you know the antenna is fine? What are the 485 and Link leds on it doing? The 485 led should blink every second or so - or when you send a command from the outdoor board. The Link led should blink when it receives a command from the handheld.

any admins listening... we really need a sticky for this stuff ;)

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Jun 7, 2018
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You replaced the handheld wireless remote control? My understanding is that there are two versions of the remote and they are incompatible. If you still have the old one, compare the model numbers and FCC IDs on the labels. If they are different, that explains your problem. The solution, sadly, is to replace the transceiver with one compatible with your new remote.


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Mar 30, 2015
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You can see what Squirrel's talking about by looking at the fcc:id on the handheld, and the radio modules used by the transceiver card (antenna)...
fcc:id of P4HEASYTOUCH only works with transceiver cards with a Linx chipset (there will be 2 modules with the label Linx on them)
fcc:id of P4HEASYTOUCH2A only works with transceiver cards with a Laird chipset (there will be 1 module with the label Laird on it)
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