Pentair EasyTouch mobo Failure, should I replace motherboard or do the intellicenter upgrade?


Mar 24, 2021
My pentair easytouch 4 primary motherboard apparently failed after along call with Pentair. The system is from 2006. I installed Screenlogic back in 2018 as well.

We had a lightening strike nearby a few days ago and my screenlogic stopped working (it would connect to the protocol adapter, but showed no information from the pool). And the easytouch stopped controlling the intelliflo vs pump at the same time.

Other things (intellichlor, valves, heat pump, lights) still work (but not from screenlogic, only direct from the easytouch panel).

After troubleshooting with Pentair rep, moving wires around etc., he thinks my motherboard is bad. We tried connecting just the pump to the com port and just the screenlogic to the com port neither would work. So it looks like it may just be an issue with com port. We also factor reset the eeprom on the easytouch, still nothing.

Anyway - when looking online at motherboards, they are around $400. For maybe twice that or a bit more, I can do the "intellicenter upgrade kit". Is that worth it for my older system? I don't really know what I'd get outside of what I have today with easytouch & my screenlogic app. Screenlogic seems to work just fine, although it is kind of dated.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I suggest that you PM Tom and see what other options he might have for you...

Send PM to ogdento

I would not upgrade to the new IntelliCenter unless the system you have is not doing all you wanted it to do.. Just not worth the money, in my opinion. If I were going to build a new pool with a new automation system it would be the new IntelliCenter, but the EasyTouch with ScreenLogic does everything I need.

Calling @ogdento


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