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Feb 15, 2021
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I have a "No Comm" error on my Easytouch remote. I tried the suggestions of resending the address at the panel and then doing the same with the remote. It didn't seem to work and now I cannot access the menu on the remote. The men button doesn't work as it did before. The menu button is now unresponsive. Any thoughts?? Thank you!


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Mar 30, 2015
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assuming your batteries are fresh, it sounds like you've got two problems:
1. the handheld can't talk to the outdoor panel
2. the menu button isn't working

it's possible the thing is just frozen/locked up... popping the batteries out and re-seating them will reset it.

if that doesn't get the menu button working then there's probably not a lot more you can do... but make sure you try pressing it in different spots with different pressure for different amounts of time. i've had to hold the button for a few seconds and then let it up to get the thing to turn on.

the membrane keypads on these things are garbage, and once the menu button breaks you can't turn it on anymore :( the button is just a concave piece of metal that "pops" and contacts the traces below it when you press it. if you're a hacker you can cut it open, rig up your own button replacement and glue it back together.

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A NO COMM warrants an inspection of the transmitter and more importantly, the link between the transmitter and the E/T outdoor unit. The wire that is furnished with the transmitter is a solid core 2 pair. After time, or if the core was nicked while stripping for connection, it will be susceptible to breakage. Also, the wire can get pinched, or chewed. Cut, carefully re-strip, and connect (both ends), if you feel any of this has occurred. Next take the cover off the transmitter and see if you are getting a power light and either the rx or the tx light blinking NOT BOTH at the same time! This is important. The unit can only hear or talk at once. If you have both, that is an indication that the transmitter board needs replacing.
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