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Oct 3, 2020
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Moved from this old thread... Pentair EasyTouch Relays Low Voltage Circuit Breaker

Thanks a lot, Jim.

I finally had time to get back to my unit this evening and tried as you suggested and the CB still popped with all relays unplugged.

Looks like I'm in the market for a new PCB.

I really appreciate the direction as I've tried to call the folks who installed the controller and they're slammed just now. At least I know direction to go with the repair.

I experienced the same problem after electrical storm also, but there is two more thing to do prior to the motherboard purchase.

First replace the bridge rectifier chip (BR1) that feeds the the transistor arrays (2-chips) that actually drives the off-board relays (must be prone to failure - socketed, not soldered-in).
Second, replace the two transistor arrays chips. (Read this in this forum but forget the author - Jimrahbe(?) - I just did one because, with magnification, I could see a hole in the chip where the smoke came out.)1604248217285.pngTransistor arrays: (ULN2803A, DIGI-KEY: 479-2356-5-NO, $1.09/ea.)
Bridge rectifier (BR1): DIGI-KEY (PN: DF 1502SDICT-NO, Mfg. DF 1502S-T)
$3.00 in "easter-egging" would have saved me $600.
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Looks a bit too technical for moi, but I can imagine this being quite helpful to someone down the road looking for the fix. Thanks for sharing it.

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