Pentair EasyTouch display partially out, any cheap way to fix?


Nov 7, 2012
We have a Pentair EasyTouch control panel that works fine except the bottom row display does not light up. It seems like we can either buy a new motherboard (over $400) or try to fix it ourselves (found a post on here about people who have soldered on a new, inexpensive LCD but that scares me). Is there anything else possible? Is there anything new, like a way to control it via some sort of app on a phone? And how would we do that?


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Jul 7, 2014
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For info on the board, send a PM (conversation) to Tom... @ogdento

I am sure he can get you pointed in the right direction.

As far as controlling things with your PC, Tablet or phone, you will need ScreenLogic2, which is about $500 bucks. If makes using and programming the EasyTouch, easy and fun... Not having ScreenLogic is like having a horse, but without a saddle...

Here are a couple of screenshots to wet your whistle..


Jim R.