Pentair EasyTouch App and ScreenLogic Stopped Responding


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Mar 27, 2020
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A couple of weeks ago I set up the Pentair Easytouch controller. I wired up the Wireless Transceiver and connected it to my iPhone. I then set up ScreenLogic on my pc and started to set up a schedule. I could read the pool and air temperatures, work on schedules, and other things on both my iphone app and the Screenlogic pc interface.
I then replaced my iPhone and transferred the information over. I also swapped the e two temp sensors since I had them routed to the wrong set of pins. Now things don't appear to be working. I don't get any temperature readings and although I can see the schedule I can't modify it and slide any switches (in the feature menu). Things I could do just a few days ago.
I have checked the wiring from the Easytouch to the wireless transceiver. Looks good and the green light on the wireless transceiver is on. I have checked my router and it sees the Pentair protocol adapter. I reset the protocol adapter and double-checked all the wiring...
Any ideas?


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Jul 7, 2014
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I can't see how swapping phones would effect the operation of the PC??? I don't fully understand what is going on, but here is what I would do first..

I would go out to the main panel and see what the display looks like.. It should be something like this..

Pool (or Spa) 85*F
Air 81*F
Fri - 05:46 PM

If the above is ok, I would reload the protocol adapter and then download the PC program again. At this point I would only worry about getting ScreenLogic working via your PC. Once it works, than worry about the phone.

Use this Pentair site... ScreenLogic Update

I would look at the detailed update instructions, before proceeding.


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Mar 27, 2020
San Diego
After some troubleshooting, it appears that a staple (I used to tack the wire in place) pierced the wire running from the Pentair Easytouch to the wireless transceiver. The problem was solved once I replaced the wire.