Pentair Easy touch Wireless Controller Issues


Oct 18, 2020
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My pool builder built me a heck of a pool. My wife and I love it. That said, he's not the best on automation. On top of an easy touch system, screen logic2, and the intell-chlor we opted for the Pentair EasyTouch Wireless Controller. That way when we're in our pool we don't need to worry about getting our phones wet. PB tried twice to get us the correct remote for our unit. Twice, ended in failure. I would like to point him to the correct device to get us. I attempted to call Pentair. They told me it was color coordinated, then gave me a part number, 520546. They said to be confident, I would need to give them the model number of my EastTouch main unit. But they were unable to tell me how to have the exact model number. I called back a day later, and they repeated the same story.

Does anyone on this forum know how to get the Pentair Easytouch Electrical Box model number, or how to ensure the correct unit is matched to an EasyTouch Wireless Controller?

Thanks in advance

Rocket J Squirrel

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Jun 7, 2018
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Two things.

1. To use both wireless ScreenLogic and a wireless hand-held remote, you need 2 transceivers at the pool pad.

2. There are 2 incompatible models of wireless remote and they each require the proper transceiver.

I have tried searching the forum for a more authoritative answer from @ogdento or someone like him, but I can't find it even though I know I've seen it before.


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Mar 30, 2015
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Hi, yes there are two different transceivers for the Easytouch Wireless... the old transceiver has a screw-on antenna and uses a Linx chipset (you'll see a chip with "Linx" on it), and the new one has a screw-on antenna and uses a "Laird" chipset.

These handhelds have an FCC:ID on the back... P4HEASYTOUCH only works with the old transceiver, and P4HEASYTOUCH2A works with the new one. Neither handheld will work with the screenlogic wireless link as rocket said.

I don't know why Pentair needs the model number of your unit... but there should be a label on the back of the board with the part number (you have to unscrew the two screws holding the bezel on and flip it down). Did they ask what firmware you're running? (Go to Menu > Diagnostics > Software Rev to check)

If you're buying the remote new, 520546 comes with the handheld unit and the transceiver in the same package.