Pentair Easy Touch 4 channel remote control problem(s)


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Dec 27, 2014
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Hey all. This my first post! After perusing a number of threads on similar topics, I decided to take a shot and post my own.

I have a Pentair Easy Touch remote control, with 4 channels. It is approximately 6 years old. When pressing the Menu Power On button, the power doesn't come on. Or it does sometimes, but only in flashes. It's getting more and more difficult to make it work. I have replaced the batteries, to no avail. It's probably a connection under the button that has come loose somehow.

My questions are:

1) Can it be repaired? An electronics technician I spoke to advised against it, as there is no access to the interior.

2) If replaced, should I buy a new receiver as well? I can find images of what looks like the exact same remote control model, except mine is not "2A". (see attached)

I'm willing to hold out for a while to search for other solutions, as replacement cost is absurd starting at $225 for the remote only, and going up to $500+ for remote and receiver combo.

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Jul 7, 2014
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Since the panel is not working now, I can see no downside in trying to see what is inside. Worst case, you will have to replace the unit and that is where you are anyway. As the Manager for a group of Repair Technicians, I'd say that about 50 percent of our repair actions involve re-soldering poor or broken solder joints. I have never seen this particular remote, but I suspect it just snaps together or has screws under the faceplate. What have you got to lose? I read somewhere about newer panels not working with older RF units, but I have no idea if that is true here. I suggest you call Pentair and see what they have to say. And.. $500 is not really too bad for a replacement unit when you compare it to the receivers my company sells for about $50K each... :p