Pentair Easy/Intellitouch Communication Port Question


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Oct 13, 2017
Woodbridge, VA
OK, so getting close to completing my DIY automation upgrade. As I get more fluent in Pentair-ese, I'm coming to the conclusion that any COM port will work equally well for any connection. Does that seem right? Any notable exceptions? Here's my specific example:
  • I have an Intellitouch Load Center with i5+3 personality board factory pre-wired for Intellichlor SCG
  • I also have the ScreenLogic wireless connection interface
  • The i5 has only one COM port at J7
  • The SCG circuit board has COM1, COM2 and COM3
  • The manual says connect the Intelliflo VS to J7
  • It also says connect the SCG board to J7
  • It further say use SCG COM2 and COM3 for Intelliflo VS pump, wireless control panel antenna
So, I conclude that I can run the SCG board to J7, the VS pump to SCG COM2, and Wireless to SCG COM3 and I should be good. I've seen others say that you can connect multiple wires to J7, but if it's all one big COM circuit (e.g. with the COM expansion board), it shouldn't matter which available COM port I use for which device.

Curious if others have experience that goes against this.

Now, if I can just solve my light circuit GFI breaker tripping issue, I will have accomplished everything on my list. Never would have had the guts or brains to do any of this without this forum. Huzzah, TFPers!


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Jul 7, 2014
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There is only one com port.. The connectors may have different connector numbers, but they are all the same com port..

There just has to be a cable between the J7 to the Surge board...

How do you have the light wired to the GFCI breaker? 120 volt light or 12 volt with transformer..

Jim R.


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Oct 13, 2017
Woodbridge, VA
Fixed the light. Rookie mistake. Used the shared neutral on a GFCI breaker. Swapped to breaker neutral, works like a charm, added switch loops included. 👍