Pentair Clean and Clear Plus Sizing?


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Aug 14, 2013
Fayetteville, NY
I am considering a Pentair Clean and Clear Plus to replace a Waterway sand filter that did not seem to be properly filtering at the end of last season.

Pool is about 16.5k gallons, salt water, with solar loop, and I intend to run flow around 20-25gpm for a lot of the time. I am not sure what model would make sense for my pool.

Models under consideration are:
240sqft - 90 gpm flow max
320sqft - 120 gpm flow max
420sqft - 150 gpm flow max
520sqft - 150 gpm flow max

My gut instinct is go with the 320, but am wondering if there would be a any noticeable differences by going above that. About $350 difference between 320 and 520.

Thank you for any informed guidance.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I have the 520 mainly because I was told the bigger the better, as it allows you to go longer between cleanings.

That said, I only clean mine twice a year, once before the pool season and once after the pool season. Like you I have a VS pump, so at 20-25 GPM my pressure gauge does not get above 2 or 3 lbs. I suspect that I could go a whole year without cleaning them, but I don't play to find out.

I would "assume" you could do the same thing with the 320 and worst case have to clean it three times a year, if that. but, you know what they say about assuming... :cool:

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.