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Mar 19, 2021
Chandler, Arizona
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Can anyone confirm the pentair warranty when you buy from 3 different product areas? I've gotten quotes from a few dealers and they all say it goes to 3 years if buy from 3 different areas.....but the pentair website is a little more precise and says the following:

"Select Bundled Products: applies to purchases and qualified installation of a minimum of a pump and filter, and one or more of the following: heaters, heat pumps, control systems, automatic cleaners, lighting, salt chlorine generators or UV sterilizer** "

**Note: Bundled products - must be purchased on the same invoice and installed at the same time. If any product within a bundle is ineligible for the bundled warranty coverage then all products within the same bundle will be disqualified from receiving the three (3) year extended warranty coverage for bundled products.

My questions:

Is pentair site accurate and ALL of the dealers giving me quotes are giving inaccurate info?

For those of you that have bought 3 different products, what did you get for proof of 3 year warranty time period? and did you buy 3 products where 1 was not a pump or filter?

I will be getting a filter, automation, and lighting (no pump).....but ALL the dealers still tell me they have verified I will qualify for 3 year period.....even though it doesn't match pentair website. ps, pentair has not responded to my inquiries.


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Mar 2, 2011
Pentair offers a three (3) year extended warranty on the following products when they are installed by a qualified installer and registered within sixty (60) days from the date of installation:

Energy-saving IntelliFlo and IntelliPro Variable Speed Pumps.

SunTouch Solar and SolarTouch Control Systems.

Bundles of three (3) or more products from three (3) different product groups including inground pumps, filters, heaters, heat pumps, control systems, automatic cleaners, lighting, and salt chlorine generators.

You really need a written statement from Pentair. Call and email every day until they respond.
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