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Jan 24, 2016
austin, tx
Hi All,
I lost my Polaris booster pump to the Texas winter storm. Fortunately, that was the only damage to my pool (landscaping is another issue). During the storm, I detached the flex plumbing from the pump input and attached it to the pump return (see photo). I figured that would keep water circulating (freeze protection was on but I didn't have the booster on the circuit) and I could replace the pump later. Reluctant to buy my 3 booster pump in 7 years, I did some TFP research. It seems like folks have good luck with the Dolphin cleaners so I've decided to go that route. My Pentair Warrior SE (Dolphin OOS) arrives today from Marina Pool & Spa!

Now for my question:
Is there a better, safer, or more correct plumbing solution than my ad hoc bypass?
I'm afraid this will reduce pressure on the other jets and water flowing this route will bypass the ozonator (less of a concern).

Many Thanks!


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May 20, 2020
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Your hookup looks fine. You could hard plumb it in the future if you do not like the flexible hose. I would have more concern about algae in that pipe if you did not have it hooked up with circulation. It will get chlorine because your water in general has chlorine it in even though you do not go thru the ozonator.
There have been some that use that extra return as a sprayer to cool down the pool water in the summer. You can search the forum for ideas on that if it is of interest. If you do that, then put a valve on either side of your flexible pipe so you can turn it on or off.


Jan 24, 2016
austin, tx
Thanks HermanTX!

I'll leave things as-is since there's no concerns with the plumbing and it seems to be working. I do have a valve at the output side of the flex pipe so I could adjust the flow if it's stealing too much water from the other jets. The pool is covered in shade and never gets above 80 on it's own without the heat exchanger so we don't really need a sprayer. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
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