Pentair 4x160


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May 10, 2007
Baton Rouge, LA
Hi all,

In the midst of a build here, and expecting equipment to be installed sometime between today and Christmas. Hopefully closer to today though.

I wish I had a better handle on the way the equipment is to be installed, but knowledge and communication don't seem to be my PB's strong points. I'm almost positive that he plans on his equipment guy/plumber to make the design decisions.

With that said, I'd like to know HOW your pump(s) are set up, especially if you have a 4x160, or Intelliflo (as I'm told they're the same pump, with a slightly different brain). I'm pretty sure either would work the same on a system, perhaps a matter of being able to better fine tune the Intelliflo.

Our pool will have a spa with large overflow, 2 deck jets.

The 3 PB's that I interviewed all said that I would need another pump, to either run the spa, or the deck jets... although none of them said that with much confidence. They seemed relatively unfamilar with the Intelliflo or the 4x160.

How is yours set up (ESPECIALLY if you have a spa, especially if you have deck jets)??
What I mean is... what pump runs what?

I also plan to have Pentair Legend cleaner, with its own pump.